A - Competitive. Several years of experience.

B - Average competition. Some years of experience and knows the general rules of the game.



-Played with two men or two women


-Played with three men or three women


-Played with four men or four women

Co-ed Doubles

-Played with one male and one female
-Participants play with the "Courtesy Rule" meaning that men must serve to men. If a man serves and the ball goes on the side of the court away from the man, the server gets a reserve. If the same thing happens again it is a side out.

Co-ed Quads

-Played with two men and two women

-Normal co-ed rules apply

Reverse Co-ed Doubles or Quads-

Played with equal numbers of men and women
-Men may not block
-Men must hit from behind the 10ft (3 meter) line
-Normal co-ed rules apply